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Welcome to the Cat House

Hello and welcome to our mad house!

As you may have guessed from the domain name my husband and I have an avid interest of the small furry purry kind. This page has been set up for them as well as a few other bits and bobs that I want to show people.

So my web pages haven't been updated for ages... that is because I spend what seems like 90% of my free time over here...


Arolos is one of the larges RPGs on the web, let alone those based in Pern, and all you have to do to find links to it is put weyr in google and you find us in the top three hits. On the last count we had around 600 members with a total or 2.8 thousand characters of which 1.6k are current active characters! I write and maintain the web code and database for both sites, all of which has taken years to develop and expand to the degree it has reached, so no, don't expect to pinch my code! (Although I don't mind helping the odd webby in distress...)